Brook Power is Playboy’s 2017 Playmate of the Year

It’s been a hell of a year of Powers. The show Powerless premiered on NBC. Power Rangers rebooted in movie theaters. Kenny Powers will never not be relevant. “I Got The Power” is always the ultimate pump up jam. Superpowers are still running wild on TV and movies. And now, Brook Power is the 2017 Playmate of the Year.

“We’re excited to announce that Brook Power is our Playmate of the Year for 2017,” said Playboy Creative Director Chris Deacon in a statement announcing this year’s pick. “She is the epitome of a free-spirit — cool, creative and confident, all while balancing a unique personality with extraordinary beauty.”

Power, 27, is the first Native American to become Playmate of the Year. She said that she never thought she’d end up in the pages of Playboy, believing that the magazine was out of her element, but it just goes to show you that any hot chick willing to get naked can achieve the highest of honors.

For all you single guys out there that think you had a chance, you’ll be devastated to learn that Power is not only dating a fellow model, but she also just had a kid with him. Playboy should really have Single Playmate of the Year category.

Read more about Power’s growing up in Hawaii, surfing and being naked.

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