In The Future We May Kill Cancer By Jizzing On Them

According to we may be on the verge of an incredible cancer breakthrough for women. One that uses sperm.

A team of researchers with the Institute for Integrative Nanosciences in Germany has tested the possibility of using sperm cells to deliver drugs to cancerous tumors in female patients.

Yeah, really. This sounds fake, but check it out. The way it works sounds like some sci-fi future madness. They get up to some weird studies in Germany.

The team wanted to be able to steer individual sperm cells. To accomplish that feat, they coaxed sperm cells to swim into a very tiny helmet coated with iron that would adhere to its head. The sperm could then be steered using an external magnet. The helmet was designed with a quick-release mechanism that allowed it to dislodge from the sperm when it ran head first into something, such as a tumor cell, allowing the sperm cell to penetrate the tumor cell the same way it would an egg, delivering the drug.

Listen. Science is using sperm and magnets to cure cancer. S**t is incredible. The Insane Clown Posse was right when they touted magnets as one of nature’s miracles. If only we knew how right they were.

The researchers also found that they could cause a sperm cell to absorb a cancer drug simply by soaking it in a solution containing the drug.

There are, of course, a lot of hurdles to overcome before this might ever be used on people forreal. One of which is that this procedure could accidentally impregnate women. Either way, we are years away from potentially jizzing on tumors to kill them.

The future is wild.

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