Cory Booker Still Waiting for That Mindy Kaling Date

She’s just not that into you, Cory. Back in March, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker and Mindy Kaling flirted back and forth on Twitter. It started with Booker commenting on Kaling’s character from The Mindy Project dissing Newark, New Jersey. From there it ended with Booker asking Kaling out to dinner and Kaling looking up New Jersey train schedules.

Well, what happened?

No date yet and now Booker’s walking his comments back. Trying to protect his pride.

“Well first of all, don’t read too into it about ‘asking out,’” Booker said. “I want to sort of take the romantic aspect out of it and talk more about how she’s amazing. Her show gave a little dis to Newark, and I’m a big defender of cities, and so I called her out on it. Not only did she say, hey, this is her character, not [her personal insult], but then she agreed to come over to Newark, New Jersey. She hasn’t yet. I mean, she’s a busy person . . . so we’ll see what happens in the future.”

Sounds like Booker’s saying “Well, it wasn’t a “date” date.” If even a high-ranking senator like Booker gets a hand to the face, where’s that leave the rest of us? The rest of us being you schmucks out there with pizza stains on your shirt.

Booker then laid it on thick.

“A lot of people read more into it then there’s there, but this is just somebody I really revere, and have just a reverence for in terms of her impact that she is making in so many ways. Just not only with women, people of color—so much visibility. She’s just an extraordinary force, and someone I have a lot of respect for. So, to have her come to my city to see it and to bring her spotlight there is a wonderful thing.”

The New Jersey senator then ended with one last compliment.

“I just think she’s a really wonderful person, that’s it. So all the romantic talk, put that aside, but let’s focus on a really extraordinary human being that I hope to get to New Jersey.”

I suspect he then put an imaginary phone to his ear and mouthed, “Call me, Mindy.”

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