Trump Still Throwing Fits Over Crowd Numbers, This Time for New England Patriots White House Visit

Yesterday, the New England Patriots visited the White House because when you win a sports title, that’s just something you do. Rob Gronkowski had a good time, but a lot of people skipped it, including Tom Brady.

Brady said “family matters” were the reason for his absence. “Family matters” in this case is code for, “Gisele told me no.”

To show how SAD! and PATHETIC! the Patriots White House visit was, the New York Times posted some fake news.

Sean Spicer quickly hacked the Patriots account to provide context.

The NYT was quick to respond with some context for the context about the context. I promise I won’t do that again.

Spicer via the Patriots account did the best thing he knew how to do. He compared Trump to George Bush. Because we all loved him as president.

Trump, who has nothing better to do than worrying about how many football players visited him at the White House, couldn’t stay silent.

Yup, this is our president.

Can we just end these stupid visits to the White House for sports teams? I don’t know who started them or why they became a thing, but they’ve never served a purpose. Imagine what the president could accomplish if he did spend four days out of the year taking photos with athletes. Well, not this president. But a competent one.

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