Is Donald Trump in the Early Stages of Dementia?

I know this sounds like some gay libtard conspiracy s**t, and that it’s possibly gluten-free, but hear me out.

We have a man who golfs every weekend, watches hours of TV a day, and can’t seem to speak a coherent sentence in the White House. While that seems insane, if you think about Donald Trump’s age, that’s pretty much right on schedule. While they have tried to spray tan life back into him, he’s actually a shriveled 70-year-old man. Trump is actually the oldest president ever. He’s older right now than many of our previous presidents were when they died, after having been in office in their prime.

While there’s a lot going on to suggest Trump is losing it mentally, the way he speaks alone is enough to have people concerned. And I’m not even talking about the things he says. While everything he says is pure bile, the way he says things indicates deeper issues.

In a Huffington Post article, the four speech tics found in someone with dementia are explained. So, what are four things you hear when talking to someone with dementia?

-Low number of unique words

-Non-specific nouns

-Filler words

-Low-imageability words

Donald Trump is a notoriously bad speaker. And it wasn’t always that way. While the s**t he’s been saying for the past forty years is basically the same, and the only thing that changes from decade to decade is the foreign nation that’s ripping us off and how he doesn’t like it, pay attention to how much the way he says these shitty things has changed for the worse.

Here’s him talking about how Japan and Kuwait are ripping us off on Oprah in the 1980s.

He makes a lot big inflammatory claims while providing no context or proof, which is pretty classic of your average pathological liar, but he clearly knows exactly what he’s saying and what words he’s gonna use. There’s no stumbling, weird repetition or awkward gaps.

Here’s him talking at a rally about six months ago. If you can manage to listen to the first 5 minutes without tearing your hair out, you will notice that it sounds exactly like a crotchety old man who repeats words, sentences and complaints to fill space because his mind looks like a block of Swiss cheese.

Everyone makes fun of his repetition, simplistic language, misuse of words, randomly trailing off in the middle of sentences, and using more filler words than your average teen girl, but they are missing the point.

While Donald Trump is definitely an asshole, the way he constructs sentences tells us a lot more about him than that. Everyone was so ready to laugh at him for seemingly being unable to grasp at words, that nobody connected the dots. Trump is old as f**k. He has a family history of dementia. He can’t find words to talk about simple s**t, is clearly paranoid, and eats well-done steak dipped in ketchup.

He’s not right.

Of course, as NPR helpfully pointed out, so what if Donald Trump is sitting around half-demented in a diaper with his tiny shrimp fingers on the button to launch nuclear weapons? It’s not like anyone is gonna do anything about it. The bloated and corrupt left has no power and the right calls anything they don’t agree with fake news. Former President Obama watching Trump from the microwaves is what’s real, though.

We are so fucked.

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7 years ago

I’ve said this for over a year – frontal lobe dementia. The symptoms are so clear – as is his deterioration over time. BTW his father had dementia, too, but died of pneumonia. Diagnosed with Alzheimers when he was around 87.

robert franklin stroud
robert franklin stroud
7 years ago
Reply to  Nanzanita

Hillary has Parkinson’s disease.
She has a history of collapsing with the most recently noted being on 911 where she froze up cold before being dragged toes down into a van with such haste that she lost a shoe … and then later lied about it (note also her use of blue-lens anti-seizure glasses and “thick water,” and her repeated coughing fits and absences from the campaign for long stretches). Liberals always project.

7 years ago

B-but-but-but Hillary…E-mails….Benghazi. Trumplings always deflect.

robert franklin stroud
robert franklin stroud
7 years ago

You Leftists are completely deranged.

Everything he says proves true with the most recent example being that the Obama Administration through at least Susan Rice WAS SPYING on the Trump campaign during and after the election. That is worse than Watergate.

Sorry, your problem is that you don’t understand his System which explains why all your predictions have proved wrong and all his correct.

Cry more.