If Donald Trump Wasn’t Gonna Get Us Blown the Fuck Up, He Would Be the Most Hilariously Ignorant Senile Grandpa Ever

Donald Trump did his first White House Easter Egg Roll and goddamn, did he really do it.

A little kid asked him to sign his Make America Great Again Hat. Of course, he obliged, but then he did the most clickbait worthy shit ever.

Trump took the kid’s signed hat and threw it into a crowd of people.

Yeah, really.

You can even hear that poor little Hitler youth fuck scream “No!” as he does it.

Look at this shit.

Was Trump purposely bullying a child for his own enjoyment? Or is he pretty deep in dementia as many people have thought he might be, and just kind of confused?

Twitter wants to know and so do I.


It really looks that way.

He literally cannot.

I need to lay down.

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