Trump Requires White House Photographer Carry a Stool to Make Him Look Skinnier and Taller

This is so Donald Trump. Is it true? Let’s assume so.

According to Page Six, Donald Trump orders the chief White House photographer, Shealah Craighead, to carry around a stool and stand on it anytime she shoots Trump. The goal is to shoot at a downwards angle to make Trump look skinnier and taller. A trick any good selfie taking person already knows.

Craighead is naturally short, so it’s possible that the stool is just to put her on an even level with Trump.

The other and also very likely possibility is that Trump’s vanity knows no limits. He wants to forever memorialize himself as a prototypical tall, fit leader.

That being said, let’s take this with a grain of salt. Trump is 6’2″. That’s tall for anyone.

The White House pushed back on the report. Craighead formely worked as a staff photographer for George W. Bush. According to the White House, Laura Bush put the stool rule in place.

“Shealah was actually asked to carry the stool when she was with 43 by the first lady, and has been carrying the stool ever since, because who doesn’t want to be shot from above?”

If anything, this White House photographer needs some way to photograph Trump’s shrimp fingers to make them larger. Perhaps 10x zoom.

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7 years ago

Fake news bullshit.