Emily Ratajkowski and Her Sports Bra Hit the Streets

DKNY put Emily Ratajkowski in a sports bra and told her to do her thing. That thing being showing off her boobs and modeling. These shots come off pretty tame compared to DKNY’s campaign from a couple months ago. Back then, they had her walking a dog down New York streets in only lingerie.

That was all for their summer campaign. The shots eventually made their way into one long commercial.

This time, she’s still on New York streets, which goes along with the NY in DKNY. They’ve got her wearing more in this campaign.

The cleavage is still there. Yea, they know what brings in the customers.

Remember her in Gone Girl? I checked her IMDB, she’s got a couple more gigs coming up. Two pretty big roles.

She’ll star in Cruise where she plays Jessica Weintraub, “a nice Jewish girl from Long Island” who hangs out with an Italian-American Gio Marchetti played by Spencer Boldman. They go to his neighborhood for “some illicit thrills on the wrong side of the tracks.”

Ratajkowski also has In Darkness coming up.

The film is a psychological revenge thriller about blind musician Sophia’s (Natalie Dormer) who gets pulled into London’s dark underbelly after she hears a murder committed in the apartment above her. Ratajkowski plays Veronique, the fractured daughter of the antagonist Radic, and is pivotal to Sophia’s quest for revenge.

Both release this year. I’m curious if Ratajkowski has range and has improved as an actress, or if they’re just using her as window dressing. They’re big roles, so casting must see something in her as an actress. Something beyond two huge tits like most people see.

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