Harry Styles On Going Solo And Taylor Swift

Harry Styles was in One Direction, but now he’s not. He was also dating Taylor Swift, but now he’s not. What new kind of mediocre adventures will this slender white boy have now that the only two interesting things about him are done? Rolling Stone explores it with Styles himself.

So, what is this thing gonna sound like?

“A lot of my influences, and the stuff that I love, is older,” he says. “So the thing I didn’t want to do was, I didn’t want to put out my first album and be like, ‘He’s tried to re-create the Sixties, Seventies, Eighties, Nineties.’ Loads of amazing music was written then, but I’m not saying I wish I lived back then. I wanted to do something that sounds like me. I just keep pushing forward.”

Cool. So it could literally sound like anything. Bet it sounds like Train. Maybe he’ll have a song or two about Taylor Swift, who he is kind of trying to pretend didn’t write songs about him.

“I mean, I don’t know if they’re about me or not …” he says, attempting gallant discretion, “but the issue is, she’s so good, they’re bloody everywhere.”

You know those songs are about you, buddy.

When asked if he had anything to say to Taylor Swift today, Styles said this:

“Maybe this is where you write down that I left!” He laughs, and looks off. “I don’t know,” he finally says. “Certain things don’t work out. There’s a lot of things that can be right, and it’s still wrong. In writing songs about stuff like that, I like tipping a hat to the time together. You’re celebrating the fact it was powerful and made you feel something, rather than ‘this didn’t work out, and that’s bad.’ And if you run into that person, maybe it’s awkward, maybe you have to get drunk … but you shared something. Meeting someone new, sharing those experiences, it’s the best s**t ever. So thank you.”

He’s English, so this translates to “Go f**k yourself” probably.

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7 years ago

I guess this bottom feeding gossip sites requirements to write for them is you have to be a miserable cynical scum!