Harry Styles Wrote a Song About Taylor Swift, Maybe

2012 was a big year. The first Hunger Games movie came out, Gangnam Style was a viral hit, the Twilight franchise ended, Gossip Girl ended, Justin Bieber broke up with Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner still looked natural and Taylor Swift started dating Harry Styles. Swarry, as they were exasperatingly called, was a short-lived romance as they broke up a few months later because of his foreskin or something.

Naturally, Swift later went on to write a few songs about him. StyleI Knew You Were Trouble and Out of the Woods. I’m not going to go into the references of each one because that’d mean I’d have to listen to them.

Anyway, hold on to your hats, people, because 4 years later, Harry Styles may have written his own song about Taylor Swift. He recently posted a track list of his upcoming album on Instagram and people dissected the titles like they were watching a Sean Spicer press conference.

Twitter went nuts with the title Ever Since New York because Taylor Swift had a song called Welcome to New York and both have New York in the title and don’t you see the connection! It’s right there, idiot!

Of course, there’s no confirmation, but if this is true then Harry Styles must be the world’s whiniest little bitch. Bro. Just let it go. It’s been more than 4 years.

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Andri H. Bjarkason
Andri H. Bjarkason
5 years ago

IKYWT is not about Harry and they were not called “Swarry”. Jesus, what a moronic piece of writing.

The Blemish
5 years ago

Haylor, Swarry, both dumb. And IKYWT has already been confirmed.

5 years ago

I stopped reading this article when the author said, regarding the Taylor Swift songs, that he wasn’t going to reference the songs because that means he’d have to listen to them. Sexist. Read the recent article in Vox about how highly successful and popular female stars like Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawarence and Swift reach such a great point of popularity– they crash, attacked in the media and social media. Because our culture doesn’t like women to be TOO successful. And each of these popular women thus had to go into hiding, out of the public eye. True! Yet we all… Read more »

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