John Mayer Brought Dave Chappelle Onstage to Honor Charlie Murphy

John Mayer and Dave Chappelle made news again. Mayer toured Ohio where Chappelle lives. During his concert, he brought Chappelle out onstage for a few minutes of comedy and to shoot the s**t. They then finished with “You’re Gonna Liver Forever in Me,” one of Mayer’s newest singles off his latest album, The Search for Everything.

Chappelle requested the song in memory of his friend Charlie Murphy. Murphy passed away this week from leukemia at age 57. He got most famous from his “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories” sketches on Chappelle’s Show. Speaking to the crowd, Chappelle told them about Murphy’s death:

“Today, I got some terrible news. My good friend, Charlie Murphy, passed away this morning, and everybody in comedy is heartbroken.”

When Mayer began to play “You’re Gonna Liver Forever in Me,” Chappelle added:

“Rest in peace, Charlie Murphy. We love you. We love your comedy. We love your stories, and we love your spirit.”

The song fit the moment. If you haven’t listened, check it out. Some of the lyrics:

Life is full of sweet mistakes
And love’s an honest one to make
Time leaves no fruit on the tree

But you’re gonna live forever in me
I guarantee, it’s just meant to be

And when the pastor asks the pews
For reasons he can’t marry you
I’ll keep my word and my seat

The song is actually about Mayer and how he hasn’t gotten over Katy Perry. That’s a different story though.

The whole video’s definitely worth a watch. It’s one of those real, unscripted moments. Chappelle, as usual, asked the crowd to turn off their phones so this would be a moment only they could share. Thankfully, someone ignored him.

Chappelle and Mayer go way back. At the Ohio show, Chappelle relived how he met Mayer.

“I had a sketch. Don’t be mad, it was called ‘White People Dancing.’ Me and my friend Neal [Brennan], who I wrote Chappelle Show with, read an article about you [John Mayer]. And he was hilarious in it. ‘You should ask that guy to do that sketch.’ And he did it. And he did it so well.”

Hard to believe that was 13 years ago.

Most recently in January, they hooked up at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles for covers of a Nirvana and Tom Petty song.

Mayer told the crowd that the two often do this routine “in different cities until about five in the morning,” with Chappelle often calling out his favorite 1980s songs for Mayer to play for him.

These two seriously need to do a traveling music and comedy show. They would kill it.

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