Karrueche Tran Bikini Body Off Limits to Chris Brown and Restraining Order

Chris Brown can only look at these Karrueche Tran bikini pics on his phone like the rest of us. Tran hit up Miami with friends and crammed her bikini bottom up her ass. Looks comfortable.

I never noticed Tran has a full-on zipper tattoo down the whole backside of her leg. Why, seriously..why.

Meanwhile, Tran filed a restraining order against Chris Brown a couple of weeks ago. Tran got the restraining order because Brown threatened to kill her. However, Brown refuses to accept it. Of course. Actually, he instructed his lawyers not to accept the service. Now, Tran’s had to hire a private company to track him down and serve him.

This never crossed my mind in the past. When you get a restraining order and someone like Brown doesn’t accept it, does the victim have to pay out of their own pocket to find and serve the other person? Not only do you get beat, you have to dip into your own wallet and stop it from happening again. Huh…seems sooo fair.

Brown’s probably doubling down on his threats now after seeing Tran go off with Quavo from Migos.

Sources connected to both of them tell us Quavo’s been hanging with Chris Brown’s ex-GF for a few months, and while it started in the friend zone … they’ve gotten much closer lately. They’ve juggled their schedules to wedge in a few dates.

That includes this past weekend in Biloxi where they rode off together following Migos’ concert. We’re told neither’s calling it “exclusive” at this point — they’re just enjoying each other’s company.

Someone get Brown some talc, his fists are getting itchy.

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