Katy Perry Is the New Halsey, or Justin Bieber or Alex Standall from ’13 Reasons Why’

Katy Perry went full-on Kristen Stewart. Remember when Katy Perry chopped her hair down to just past her ear recently?

Then it went to this.

That happened after Kristen Stewart got this haircut.

Well, now Perry and Stewart have begun the merging process into one.

She captioned her new look: “✨fifth element flow✨”

Likely referencing Bruce Willis from The Fifth Element. She should be grateful she’s not as bald.

It looks alright. Some people started saying she looked like Halsey.

Or Justin Bieber.

The Alex Standall from 13 Reasons Why reference is quite timely.

The Twittersphere can’t wrap their heads around it.

Does this tie into Katy Perry’s insecurity? After all, she says she Googles hot pics of herself when she’s feeling insecure. Like this pic of her double chin.

It really doesn’t matter what she does to hair. No one’s eyes are making it past her chest.

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