Kendall Jenner Gets Camera Shy Which Is Really Ironic

For someone who’s spent her life on TV, watching Kendall Jenner cover up from the paparazzi is funny. That camera made her rich, show us your face. WE OWN YOU.

Besides, Jenner’s reality show is running on fumes and no one watches, while Kylie Jenner is way more popular than her. You need the paparazzi.

These two have different personalities though. Kylie’s more open, Kendall’s shyer. Maybe Kylie’s shyness is an act. The shyer she acts, the more people want to know her.

She’s definitely more guarded and that might be a way to own keep a part of herself to herself. The New Yorker recently wrote a shockingly long piece on Kendall’s silence. They wrote it in the context of her Pepsi shitstorm, but you can apply their essay to her whole life. I didn’t realize you could elevate these reality stars to something so profound. Here’s a taste:

In a much later episode, from 2015, Kendall, now already a top model walking the shows in Paris, told Kris that she didn’t want her to come to fashion week. “This is my time to get away from home,” she explained over dinner at Hôtel Costes, crunching down on a bread crust. “You’re way too fucking needy, Mom.” This, on the one hand, reads like a teen-ager’s expected plea for some space, but it is also, perhaps, a reaction to the life Kendall has lived since she was a child. “Stop following me,” she seems to say, and not just to her mother. “Stop making everything into a plotline.”

These sisters have been pushed into fame by their stage mom momager, Kris Jenner. Now they’re monkeys for your amusement. Are you happy now?!? I am. Dance monkey!

Kendall doesn’t seem to like fame that much. She even called her reality show “sad.”

Speaking of the program [Keeping Up with the Kardashian], Kendall said, “The fact that everyone’s lives revolve around a show and to make someone happy with a show is the most sad, depressing thing.”

You should blame your momager. She’s America’s #1 pimp. When it comes down to it, I guess Kendall has a reason for hiding her face.

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