Khloe Kardashian’s Body Being Robbed Blind by Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian wore lingerie out because why not. She must’ve been filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Here she is in all red with a red slip and red flowery dress over the top. Is this how fashion people describe clothes?

Her cleavage popped out and that’s good enough for me.

In other Khloe news, there are rumors that her boyfriend Tristan Thompson is bleeding her dry.

An insider tells Radar that the reality star “feels like she needs to drop big bucks” in order to keep the Cleveland Cavaliers star happy — which has led to her spending more than $50,000 a week on fancy jewelry, ritzy dinners and a bottomless supply of booze for him — and even for his friends!

Thompson found his sugar mommy. Ha ha. I love it. Let’s see how Khloe reacts when Thompson breaks up with her.

“If she keeps this up, she’ll go broke,” says the insider, who adds that Khloé also shells out for private jets when she flies to visit the Ohio-based athlete.“ Tristan makes way more than she does, but he never spends a dime. It’s completely lopsided.”

She needs to watch her money. Ratings for KUWTK keep dropping. Soon, that well will run dry. When that does, Thompson gonna hop off Khloe and leave her penniless. As much as these Kardashians suck, even I don’t wanna see that happen. :(

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