Kourtney Kardashian Posted a Bunch of Butt Shots Online

People are losing interest in the Kardashians, what’s one to do? Throw up some ass shots on Snapchat and Instagram of course.

The Kardashian sisters made it out to Mexico and their $17,000 a night rental for Kourtney Kardashian’s 38th birthday. Without paparazzi around, Kourtney’s free to twerk and dance like an idiot.

When you gawk at these videos and photos, pretend that you’re a part of this failing family and not stuck in your boring life.

This is called the Bill Cosby pose.

Interpretive dance or epilepsy? You decide.

Kourtney twerking or Kourtney with diarrhea? You decide.

Not bad.

This is sorta creepy.

Photoshop at its best.

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