Why Kylie Jenner Will Dominate the World Soon

Love her or hate her, Kylie Jenner always looks good (for good reason). Here she strolls around West Hollywood in purple thigh high boots. Mmm, mmmm, mmmm.

Jenner has taken over the Kardashian family reins from Kim Kardashian. Who cares about Kim? Seriously. Even getting robbed didn’t get her much sympathy. Since getting robbed, she’s understandably retreated from the spotlight.

It’s Kylie’s time now. Not even Kendall Jenner can compete. Kylie is the IT girl now. Here’s how:

E! Greenlit Her Spinoff Show

No one gave Kendall Jenner a spinoff show. Only Kylie. E! ok’d The Life of Kylie. It debuts this summer and will follow her as she makes moves as an “entrepreneur, fashion designer, author, television and social media star, and CEO of Kylie Cosmetics.”

Two years ago, E! wanted her and Kendall for a spinoff. Two years later, who do they want? Kylie and her 91 million Instagram followers. Kendall only, ONLY, has 78 million. Who’s the more popular one?

The Life of Kylie might grow so popular that it cannibalizes Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Haha, good. No one watches that show anymore, literally. It’s so bad that Kris Jenner wants to turn the whole families into animated characters. If Kylie leaves KUWTK, she’ll take a big part of why the remaining fans even watch that show. That surely will sink KUWTK. Get those South Korean animators ready, Kris.

Kylie Finally Left Tyga

This relationship is so on-again, off-again. It should be permanently off. Kylie can do huge things in her life with her business, her brand, her show, everything.

Tyga is a leech. He sucks money and fame off of her. A tapeworm that burrowed into Kylie’s stomach. He’ll ruin her from inside out. PEOPLE documented his greatest hits. The allegations include:

Failing to pay child support to Blac Chyna

Sued for allegedly letting his entourage assault a process server

Failed to make car payments

Owing more than $280,000 in unpaid jewelry

Also, Tyga seems to have his car repossessed every few months. Kylie can do way better.

She’s Got Millenials Behind Her

19-year-old Kylie (and she only needs one name now) showed up to Albert Ochoa of Sacramento’s Rio Americano High School’s prom. Over the years, Kylie so wanted to go to prom since she was home-schooled and didn’t have the chance. This Ochoa kid needed a date, fliers went up around the school trying to get him a date and Jenner’s people caught wind on social media.

Kids there lost their s**t. Imagine you live in Sacramento. Yea, just imagine that dreadful scenario. Now, the biggest star in your generation lands in your school. You can die now.

Check out her prom dress from her Snapchat (image courtesy of Huffington Post).

More Kylie at prom:

Kylie Transforming Into Business Mogul

According to Forbes, Kylie brought in $18 million in 2016. One interesting note is that 20% supposedly comes from her Instagram sponsored posts. That’s almost $4 million off her 91 million Instagram followers.

Kylie’s got her hands in lots of businesses including makeup and fashion. Her Kylie Cosmetics does serious cash. Collections often sell out and they aren’t cheap. She had a Valentine’s Day collection going for $200. Customers snapped them up as if buying the collection would get them any closer to Kylie.

Nevermind the complaints about the makeup line. Some people throw a fit because she recently gave her products risky names like ““X Rated,” “Barely Legal,” “Virginity” and “Hot And Bothered.” Whoever’s buying these products, probably kids, see and hear a lot worse.

Others accuse her of repackaging old products into new ones. Umm, bands repackage their albums as a deluxe editions all the time. No big deal. As long as people’s eyebrows don’t burn off with her products, Kylie Cosmetics will continue bringing in the cash.

Her fashion line with sister Kendall, Kendall + Kylie, gets good reviews. They most recently showed their line at New York Fashion Week. One reviewer called it “well-edited.” That sounds…promising.

Kylie also had lines around the block for her NYC pop-up store in February.

The pop-up sold her Kylie Cosmetics products, Kylie Shop merchandise and the KoKo collection from Kylie and sister Khloe Kardashian. People flew from Las Vegas to come to the store. One fan has the perfect quote:

“If I could say one thing to Kylie, I would say keep doing what she’s doing. She’s inspiring millions of people. She’s making millions of people happy. And you can only be famous for so long, so she’s doing something right.”

That sums Kylie’s life up right now. Millions of people love her. They’ll buy anything that has her name on it. They’ll watch the shows, follow her Snapchat and Instagram religiously, download the apps (if they ever come back) and fly across the U.S. to see her. She can transform into a truly powerful entertainment and business figure.

Fame doesn’t last forever though. She only needs to look at big sister Kim to understand that. Her time is now. Hopefully, she doesn’t squander it.

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