Kylie Jenner’s a Free Woman Now

Kylie Jenner and Tyga have called it quits. Again. For now. Until they get back together again when they need press coverage.

These two manipulate the media cycle. They’ve done it again by confirming to PEOPLE that they’ve broken up. A source explains:

They tend to take little breaks all the time and then get back together…It’s definitely possible they’ll work things out again.”

Recently, their relationship hasn’t registered on the radar as much. It’s possible that people are losing interest in this whole family. Their show ratings have hit rock bottom and no one cares. Also, Tyga has no money. At least, he gets repo’d a lot.

They probably broke up to juice the Keeping Up with the Kardashians ratings by giving it a new storyline. People were blase about Kim Kardashian’s robbery stories on the show. Maybe this will work. If not, expect them to all downsize and move into a moderately sized mini-mansion in Calabasas.

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7 years ago

They’ll be back together soon. Someone has to get pregnant (to try to boost ratings) and Kim can’t.