Kylie Jenner’s Plastic Surgery Transformation

I don’t understand why people have spent years hemming and hawing over whether or not Kylie Jenner has had this surgery or that surgery, when it’s pretty clear she’s had just about all of them.

I’m not here to shame her for it, because it’s her body. And if all it took was some butt implants and a spray tan for me to make millions of dollars hawking hair growth vitamins and liquid lipsticks that don’t work half the time on Instagram, I’d let some doctors carve me up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

In fact, from purely a business standpoint, Kylie Jenner has probably had more returns on her investment in her body that Donald Trump had with Trump Steaks, Trump University, or almost any of it until now.

She’s a smarter business person than almost all of us.

However, I feel like people are so used to the Kylie of today, who looks like a vaguely ethnic anime porn character, and gets 5000 comments on every Instagram post from people asking her to punch them, that they have forgotten what she looked like initially. I think this is why the plastic surgery debate remains a debate, rather than a “no duh.”

Here’s a recent Instagram post from Kylie Jenner, in the year of our lord 2017:

And here’s a pic of Kylie Jenner from 2012, when she was 14.

Those are barely even the same person on any level. A lot of people involved in this fake debate have played the “it’s just puberty” game. And as someone who went to sleep one day at 14 flat chested and woke up with my own tits slapping me in the face, I could see that. If girls weren’t done puberty at about 15 or 16, maybe that could be real.

But puberty does not turn you from an average 12-year-old white girl in 2009:

Into this six years later:

Puberty doesn’t come with lip injections. It doesn’t make you Nicki Minaj. Real life isn’t like Ghost Rider, where Nicolas Cage’s very white childhood sweetheart grows up to be Eva Mendes.

Yes, I have actually seen Ghost Rider.

I’ve also seen people kicking around, wondering if Kylie’s evolution is some kinda vague version of blackface. People ask if she’s pulling some kind of Iggy Azalea nonsense, and trying to cash in on the veneer of being ‘exotic’ and the cool factor of visual aspects of black culture without actually living or understanding the struggle.

Is that real?

I’m not qualified to say, one way or the other.

But you don’t need some kind of degree to figure out that somebody looking like this at 16:

And this suddenly at 17:

With a brief detour into full out Snookie at 18:

Only to attain (maybe) their final form at age 19:

Is not just nature at work.

Kylie Jenner is basically a 19-year-old white kid, who has taken the past few years to transform into a 25-year-old racially ambiguous woman.

That’s just insane to think about.

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7 years ago

Just wait until she’s 30, she’ll look like s**t!! She looks so fake she’s not even pretty!

11 months ago
Reply to  Sorrynotsorry

ur just jealous

6 years ago

what is racially ambiguous? And you look like youve had work done yourself lady.

4 years ago

Did you even graduate from high school? Your grammar is abysmal.

4 years ago

Kylie Jenner isn’t a “smart business woman,” she’s an idiotic, self absorbed copycat. Who luckily has a pimp-mom who is extremely smart, and has made her and the rest of her family exceptionally successful, famous, and rich (except for maybe rob, but he’s still rich).

4 years ago

Kylie Jenner isn’t a “smart business woman,” she’s an idiotic, self absorbed-copy cat. Who luckily has an extremely smart pimp mom, who thinks for her and the rest of her family. Making them all exceptionally successful, rich and famous (except for maybe rob, but’s he’s still rich).