Lily Collins Shows Off Her Sports Bra and Midriff

Here’s the stomach that got Michelle Obama to write Lily Collins.

Collins hit up the streets in her sports bra and showed off her toned stomach. Her non-anorexic stomach. Literally.

She stars in the recent movie, To the Bone. In it, she plays a 20-year-old who enters a group recovery home for her anorexia.

It’s something she knows well. Collins had her own eating disorders when she was young. She writes about it her in her new book, Unfiltered. Collins says about those disorders:

“I didn’t go into treatment, I didn’t seek out professional help. . . . I kind of just figured it out on my own. And this was an amazing opportunity to gain knowledge.”

Michelle Obama even liked her book enough to pen her a congratulatory letter. Congratulations on eating normally! In her note, Obama wrote:

“I am writing to thank you for the copy of your new book. The gift was such a nice gesture and I look forward to sharing it with my daughters.”

Collins Instagrammed the letter with her caption:

“Best way to start off my week! I can’t believe this letter I received from someone I deeply respect and admire. It’s absolutely epic. I’m in complete shock but just had to share!”

Guess eating disorders aren’t that bad. If you recover.

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