McDonald’s New Uniforms Are Perfect for the Dystopian Society We Live In

Soon McDonald’s will replace all of its workers with machines, in order to better digitize and optimize the experience of drunkenly cramming a Big Mac into your mouth and regretting it instantly. Their new uniforms really suck all of the joy out of eating literal poison.

The gray and black minimal look really reflects the lifelike robots that will soon prepare our McFlurries and bone us, while plotting our deaths.

Via The AV Club:

“Individuality is important to McDonald’s restaurant employees,” McDonald’s says in a press release, charitably recognizing that many of its workers are separate entities from their stations, some even boasting identities and interests that go well beyond operating deep fryers.

That’s not even being dramatic. These fucking uniforms look like the employees are extras in an updated film adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984. 

Ugh. 14,000 locations are about to be assimilated, starting this month. Way to make eating fast food somehow even more depressing, McDonald’s.

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