Michelle Rodriguez Finally Got a Penis

You know Michelle Rodriguez has yearned for this forever. Rodriguez got her very own, huge dick. Yuuuuge.

It happened for her role in The Assignment. Awwwwww…Total letdown for her. It’s a FAKE penis?

Denis Hamill wrote the original story almost forty years ago in 1978. It’s about a “male doctor who uses the procedure [a sex change operation] to get even with the rapist and killer of his wife.” Rodriguez plays a hitman forced to undergo the sex change operation. Sigourney Weaver plays the doctor.

Ohh, now I get the title. An “assignment.” You can take it as a hitman’s assignment to kill and also a sex assignment or reassignment. It goes both ways. Much like Rodriguez.

That plot, on paper, sounds interesting. There’s been some controversy that the movie is transphobic. This line puts it most succintly:

In light of the film’s highly improbable plot that turns gender reassignment surgery into a science-fiction punishment of sorts, is it any wonder that actual transgender people are kind of annoyed?

Hmm…well, I haven’t seen the movie. On the surface, the story seems awesome. I’d still read up on the trans community’s complaints though.

This is what Rodriguez looks like in the film.

That MAKES me want to see the movie even more.

Back to Rodriguez’s dick. She went for the biggest one possible. Of course she did.

“I was like, ‘I want the biggest cock we could possibly get!’ I was adamant about it. I’ve encountered a few skinny boys with really, really big — you know — so I thought, why not be one?”

Putting the prosthetic penis on gave her some thoughts.

“But it’s very uncomfortable — I gotta say, I don’t know how guys do it. Now I know why guys are way more physically sexually thinkers than women are — because it’s always there! I mean, if it’s rubbing between your legs all the time, I’m sure I’d think about it all the time, too!”

I’m surprised this is the first time she’s worn a rubber penis.

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