Sign Me Up for This Napping Fitness Class

Modern life fucking sucks, working out sucks, and it looks like some gyms in Glasgow are coming up with the perfect antidote. At the Scottish David Lloyd clubs, you can take a fitness class where you do nothing but lay in bed and sleep for 45 minutes.

Finally, a workout I can get behind.

According to Glasgow Live:

Primarily a wellbeing class aimed at exhausted parents, the benefits include regenerating the mind, body and even burning the odd calorie.

But how are the parents gonna get to the class in the first place? They have screaming brats draining them of life at home.

It arrives in the wake of research revealing the ‘tiredness epidemic’ across the UK, with 86 per cent of parents admitting to suffer from fatigue and 26 per cent regularly getting less than five hours sleep a night.

Tiredness epidemic. The world is about to fucking end. But some of these European fucks are tired. Don’t have kids if you want to sleep or enjoy being alive.

They will get to curl up in a soft bed in a temperature-controlled room with some atmospheric sounds, and nap it up at the gym.

To be honest I’m just this mad about it because I’m jealous about their napping gyms.

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