Olivia Munn Ends Things with Aaron Rodgers

Sorry, Green Bay Packers fans, you can no longer blame your woes on Aaron Rodgers’ love life.

After three years of dating, Olivia Munn and Rodgers have called it quits. Munn was the one who initiated the split, but a source tells People that the two are on good terms and that they wouldn’t be shocked if they end up back together.

It’s been a wild three years for the star quarterback and X-Men actress. There was the whole family drama, where Aaron’s parents and brother pretty much blamed Munn for them not having a relationship with Aaron. And there was Munn blaming them for the Packers losing. Basically, no one blamed Aaron for anything.

Maybe that’s why Munn called things off? It can’t be easy being blamed for everything that goes wrong in the life of your partner.

Hopefully, this is a wake-up call for Packers management. With no more Munn to fall on the sword, they’ll have to go out and surround Rodgers with talent so fans don’t start turning against them.

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