Rita Ora’s Gonna Regret This Outfit One Day

Looks like someone auditioned for the Village People. You know, the group of gay dudes who did the song “YMCA.”  The gay cop. Remember him?

Ora’s auditioning to take his place.

This outfit might get Mel B and Stephen Belafonte really excited. Enough that they’ll ask her for another threesome. Did you miss that story? That was a good one. Evidently, Belafonte and Mel B asked Ora back to their place after a “networking” dinner in 2014. Maybe a little wine, a little music…

However, a surprised Rita is said to have turned them down.

A source reportedly said: “Rita was one of Mel and Stephen’s ‘targets’. When they asked her back to theirs, she was surprised.”

This source also added:

“She was there purely for work reasons, anything else was out of the question. So she made her excuses politely and went home.

It’s just as well. Belafonte and Mel B have a nasty divorce going on. Among the allegations coming out are illegal sex recordings and sexual blackmail. Ora took a hard pass on that.

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