Barb of ‘Stranger Things’ Comes Out As Bisexual After Twitter Fight

Shannon Purser is known for playing Barb in Stranger Thingsbut now she’s pissing off the internet gay community who are fans of Riverdale.

In an episode of the show, characters Veronica and Betty had a Pornhub worthy lesbian kiss, which angered a lot of people who felt that it was queerbaiting.

If you don’t know what that means, it’s when the writers of a show throw out all kinds of hints to keep their LGBT fanbase hard for the show, while providing no actual representation, or really awful thoughtless semi-representation purely for shallow titillation. Supernatural is now on its 45th season of queerbaiting.

Purser took it upon herself to tweet a since-deleted kinda shady tweet insulting shippers of the characters to co-star Cole Sprouse, a stupid goddamn idea. Purser, who didn’t bother to do a 15-second Google search and figure out what the angry internet was talking about instead of being dismissive immediately, had her ass handed to her as she repeatedly missed the point.

That’s not the point, honey.

Shannon Purser, who didn’t get the point. Then asked everyone to forgive her because she’s bisexual. Not being straight doesn’t give you a pass when all you had to do was Google something instead of insulting internet shippers, who are crazy and will cut you.

Congrats. Please use Google in the future before dismissing the concerns of the people who watch your shitty show, Shannon. Even just for your own safety.

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