Shia LaBeouf Calls Bartender a Racist Over French Fries

Still upset that his latest movie flopped, Shia LaBeouf took out his frustrations on a bartender at a bowling alley

As you can see in the clip, Shia is none too pleased with this bartender. I bet it’s because he refused to see his movie Man Down.

He also refused to serve Shia French fries, but there’s no way that something as small as French fries could make a sane person lose his mind like that.

LaBeouf call the guy a “fucking racist”. A little harsh for not seeing a movie. Maybe Shia should have promoted the movie a bit better? I didn’t even know it was out. You gotta buy some ad time, man.

And while the bartender may have refused to serve him French fries, I have a feeling that this could have all been avoided with a Pepsi.

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5 years ago

There’s a guy who needs a good punch in the face.

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