Shia LaBeouf’s Latest Movie Sells Only One Ticket in the U.K.

Thankfully, Sia LaBeouf’s too busy protesting Donald Trump to notice that no one cares about his latest movie. Variety reports that Man Down saw its U.K. release generate a whopping eight dollars! Some sad moviegoer bought the one ticket that sold. This special moviegoer deserves their own interview, but likely they’re ashamed to cop to it.

The movie simultaneously released on digital on demand in the U.K., so going to the theaters and actually watching this movie wasn’t too high on anyone’s list.

In fairness to Shia, what’s left unsaid in the Variety story is that Man Down was released here in the U.S. last December. While that’s not 100% related to its abysmal showing in the U.K., no one’s really gonna see any movie that’s four months old.

Shia should watch those box office figures though. Protesting Trump won’t pay off that Hollywood lifestyle, even if he’s into homeless chic. His last movie, American Honey, brought in $660,000 at the American box office. That’s pretty bad. Before that, Fury turned in $85m, but that was an ensemble movie with Brad Pitt.

You’ll see Shia next in Borg/McEnroe. This doesn’t sound like it’ll break $50m.

While LaBeouf would hate to accept another Transformers movie, think of how many anti-Trump exhibits that would fund.

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