Simon Cowell Persuaded Mel B to Leave Stephen Belafonte

Simon Cowell actually did something nice for once in his life. Also, nice is understating it.

Melanie Brown, Scary Spice from the Spice Girls, recently filed for divorce from her husband, Stephen Belafonte. Why? Oh, the usual. Fists to the face, secret recordings of their sex sessions, forcing Brown into threesomes by blackmailing her with the tapes. Among the allegations:

  • Belafonte choking her and slamming her onto hardwood floors in 2007.
  • Belafonte got jealous that Mel B. would film with Usher on X Factor in 2012. So jealous he punched her and split open her lip. When Mel B. asked how she was gonna work with her face all tore up, Belafonte replied that she should’ve thought of that first before she decided to “flirt with and f*** Usher.”
  • Belafonte punched her in 2012 after her performance at the London Olympics, pushed her against the carpet causing rug burns and scabs on her face. Then, forced her to tweet out that she hurt herself “running on 7″ Christian Louboutin heels.” (Tweet below courtesy of Elite Daily)
  • Belafonte got the nanny pregnant, dreamed of all three of them living together, then demanded the nanny get an abortion.
  • Belafonte forced her to “participate in sexual intercourse with him and random women.” He would secretly record the sex, then threaten to blackmail her with the tapes if she didn’t participate in more threesomes.

Mel B got the push she needed from Cowell. The abuse, according to Brown, started in 2007. So, she’s been dealing with this physical and emotional abuse for 10 years.

Cowell has run across Belafonte over the years on shows such as X Factor and America’s Got Talent. According to sources, he could tell something was wrong, but could never tell what exactly it was. Eventually, Cowell told Brown that he was a “bad guy” and “bad news” and encouraged her to leave.

She thankfully left and gave part of the credit to Simon. Now Simon can nestle his face in his girlfriend’s bosom knowing he earned some good karma.

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