Every Tove Lo Topless Flash Ever

This definitely makes Coachella worthwhile. A front row seat to Tove Lo’s breast show. Forty-five minutes of Tove Lo topless singing sandwiched around fifteen seconds of Swedish tits.

Tove Lo’s Coachella performance was a bit underwhelming. She has her three hit songs and a bunch of other songs only die-hard fans recognize. Awesome performer though.

As usual, Tove Lo flashed the audience during “Talking Body.” It never gets old.

She’s done it a lot in the past, and after that, and rubs one out in her music video.

Obviously, Lo’s got no problems with her sexuality. Good for her. She still doesn’t know why¬†some people do.

Her appearance last year on Swedish Idol had viewers clutching their pearls. Why? Because she grabbed her crotch. OMG.

“I did it really playful and it was two seconds of the performance,” the 29-year-old tells Newsbeat. “Why does female sexuality feel so dangerous and sinful?”

Agreed. Michael Jackson did it all the time and people didn’t mind.

“Touching yourself is the least harmful thing you can do,” she says. “It’s just you and your body enjoying yourself. There’s no harm coming out of that.”

When I go to Sweden, I’m gonna use that as a pickup line.

Anyway, Tove Lo goes topless so much that we collected a bunch of them for your artistic viewing pleasure. Usually, she flashes during “Talking Body”.

Tove Lo topless at San Francisco’s Masonic, February 27, 2020.

Topless, Boston Calling, 2015

Topless, Philadephia, February 20, 2017

Topless, Lady Wood tour, 2017

Topless and sitting for some reason, Brooklyn, February 13, 2020

Damn, is this what archivists feel like? I’m sure this list will grow over time, so keep checking back.

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