Kids Who Want to Waste Thousands of Dollars Studying a Fake ‘Game of Thrones’ Language Are in Luck

It costs almost $30,000 to attend the University of California in state and over $52,000 out of state, so what better way to dig yourself into debt you will never pay back than by learning Dothraki, a fictional language from Game of Thrones?

David J. Peterson, the linguist who developed the fake language, will be teaching students to talk like Khal Drogo, and I am sure their parents will be thrilled.

Is college even real anymore?

From BroBible:

“[The class is] best understood as an art course, the same way a figure drawing course might include a fairly rigorous component on human anatomy,” Peterson justifies his six-week course and Berkeley salary.

If you really want to take this class go for it, but you should know that the same guy teaching it offers a $20 book that will pretty much do the same thing for you.

It even comes with a handy CD.


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