‘The Walking Dead’ Not Doing So Well

People might be zombied out. That’s if ratings for The Walking Dead‘s are to be believed. They’re not so hot.

It’s the series’ lowest rated finale since their season two finale in 2012. Variety posted a bunch of ratings number if you’re interested, but it’s too inside baseball for me. They did say this about the finale:

This week’s episode was also airing against competition in the form of the WWE pay-per-view Wrestlemania, the ACM Awards on CBS, and the series finale of “Black Sails” on Starz and the season finale of “Big Little Lies” on HBO.

I can see people opting for Big Little Lies instead of The Walking Dead. The Big Little Lies finale got stellar reviews. Meanwhile, The Walking Dead finale had a shaky reception.

While I’ve never seen Big Little Lies, all the publicity will make me wanna see it. I found The Walking Dead finale to be pretty engaging. It’s hard to maintain momentum for seven seasons of any show though.

According to The Walking Dead‘s showrunner Scott Gimple, season eight promises to be amazing.

“The first four episodes will melt people’s minds and break their televisions.”

Mind melting you say…Well, let’s hope so. Supposedly, the show can go on for twenty seasons, but if ratings don’t pick up, they won’t last too many more.

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