13 Reasons Why to Watch ’13 Reasons Why’

I finally finished 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. It took me way longer than I had hoped because sometimes I have a personal life, but I finally finished it. You’ve probably read a lot about the series. How it deals with bullying and depression and rape and suicide. All of those things are true. It’s pretty fascinating to watch. That’s not why you should watch it though. Here are 13 reasons why you should.

(Warning: Contains Spoilers)

1. The main character looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt

You can’t tell me that they aren’t the same person. My wife says he looks like Miles Tellers. She’s wrong. He looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This is very important to keep in mind when you’re watching the show. Why? Because it’s fun to pretend that the kid in the show grows up to make Inception.

Bonus: Another character looks like Fez

2. It will make you uncomfortable

Being uncomfortable is the calling card for any good TV show. Any TV show that makes me feel like I’m not watching TV should be praised. I was so uncomfortable during certain scenes of this show that I had to turn away like a bitch. It was honestly embarrassing. Why should you watch a show that makes you uncomfortable? Because you need to man up and just do it. And don’t be a bitch like me.

3. Selena Gomez is the executive producer

I actually thought this was a joke at first. I saw “Selena Gomez” listed under Executive Producer and figured it was a different Selena Gomez. Turns out, it’s the same Selena Gomez that is sleeping with The Weeknd. Guess she had plenty of time during the weekday to produce this show. I don’t know how much input she had on the show, but her executive producing career has already surpassed her singing and acting career. Look at this way. If you support this show, you’re supporting Selena Gomez’s producing career. By doing that, you’re ensuring that she doesn’t make movies or music anymore. Choice seems pretty simple.

4. You’ll develop your own theories

Are you the type of person that puts way too much thought into what you’re watching? Well, then this show is perfect. You’ll question everything. You’ll try to piece it all together before you have all of the information. And in the final episode, you’ll continue to have questions and theories. I finished the season and already started mapping out the second season in my head. These are the things I think about in the shower. These are the things you’ll think about in the shower. You’ll take long showers. Just take a bath.

5. It makes you appreciate your childhood

If your immediate reaction wasn’t, “Oh s**t, a Walkman” when you saw the Walkman, then I can’t help you. There are a lot of great gadgets and moments in the show that will make you say, “The times were much better then.” And then you’ll tweet about it.

6. You’ll never look at Facebook the same

Most people are only on Facebook to keep up with high school friends. After watching this show, whenever you see one of your high school friends on Facebook, you’ll compare and contrast them to a character. They’ll be pretty easy to spot. You’ll know who the shy and scared kid was. You’ll know the girl who was an outcast, but became super popular. You’ll know the awkward-looking kid who doesn’t fit in. And you’ll know the popular guy who may have raped a couple of people. And that’s when you’ll quit Facebook forever.

7. It’s kind of like the Sixth Sense

‘Cause he sees dead people. And everyone loved that movie, right?

8. It’s based on a book

Nowadays, if a movie or TV show isn’t based on a book, it’s probably not worth watching. Everything great in our lives is based on a book. The internet is based on a book. Your favorite song is based on a book. You name it, it came from a book. Books are the real heroes of the world.

9. Christians hate it

They are really freaking out of this show. The outrage is nuts. They can’t believe that a TV show depicts such actions. And that’s why you should watch it. Because you’re either Christian, and you want to get in on the outrage. Or, you’re not Christian, and you want to be like, “Calm down. It’s fine.” But you can’t be fake outraged or fake calm. Watch the show. Be really outraged or really calm.

10. Everyone is good looking

This is to remind you that what you’re watching is just a TV show. Even the nerdy and awkward kids are still good looking. It’s a great ploy by casting. If you cast actual nerdy people and people with acne and misaligned faces, the show might be a little too real. But you can take comfort in knowing that everyone is good looking and it’s just television.

11. Support local businesses

A movie theater that doesn’t play hit movies, a family-owned drug store, a coffee shop that isn’t Starbucks. This show is a reminder that you should support your local businesses.

12. No animals were harmed in the making of the show

I’ve only watched through the series once, but I’m 95 percent certain that a single animal was not harmed. All of the kids are really screwed up. But the animals are just fine. That’s what’s truly important.

13. Helmet

When it comes down to it. The show is just a 13-hour PSA imploring you to wear a helmet when riding a bike.

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