Anna Faris Looks Salty Over Chris Pratt Fan Photo

A reddit user by the name of h2daniel posted the following picture of his wife meeting Chris Pratt:

Good on you, h2daniel.

If you notice in the background, there is Anna Faris looking particularly salty. Let’s come up for reasons Salty Anna:

*The wife didn’t take a picture with her.

*The husband didn’t take a picture with her. Shame on you, h2daniel.

*Anna realized that h2daniel’s wife is her twin sister that she thought she got rid of years ago. Now, the sister is back to steal her husband and her life.

*She was jealous that she got dressed up all nice in a $100,000 dress and this lady got in with a comic book t-shirt and a suit jacket.

*She just realized that no one watches Mom.

*Anna knew that reacting like that would lead to a reddit post and subsequent post on The Blemish.

*Chris was about to get her a drink and this lady asks for a picture.

*Anna misses fat Chris Pratt.

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