Anna Friel Cougared The F**k Out Of ‘Stranger Things’ Star Charlie Heaton

Good for her. I have shoes older than all of Leonardo DiCaprio‘s girlfriends combined. If a bitch can get it then a bitch can get it. Hallelujah.

While men act like women older than 16 are dead and their pussies have dried up pretty regularly, a lot of people are freaked out that Anna Freil got all over Charlie Heaton at the Bafta TV after party.

He’s 17 years younger than her, but also totally legal and a grown ass man that could have easily told her to f**k off if he wasn’t tryna take the midnight train to cougar town.

Considering they left the party at 2 am and had been all over each other all night according to The Sun, it’s looking like everybody got what they wanted. Onlookers said:

“They only had eyes for each other and couldn’t keep their hands to themselves.

“Everyone was a little shocked because he’s so much younger, but there was electric chemistry between them.

“They spent two hours with each other, going from the champagne bar to the outdoor area, smoking and chatting, to the dance floor where they were bumping and grinding.”

I hope Anna Freil sucks that twink’s soul out of his dick.

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