UPDATED: Ariana Grande Show Bombed, Literally

So uncool. Nineteen people were killed and fifty people injured at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. It’s been deemed a terrorist attack by Manchester police.

Ivo Delgado, a witness, told CNN he heard one explosion after the concert ended. He said there was smoke in a main corridor outside the arena seating and stage area as he and others were heading out of the building.

“It was a really big explosion. Everybody started screaming and running,” he said.

Delgado said: “There were people on the floor … There was a lot of confusion.”

Once again, it appears that it was the work of a suicide bomber. One witness said they saw a bunch of “metal nuts on the floor.” Sadly, he wasn’t referring to a Metallica concert.

One 17-year-old girl described the horrible scene:

“I was at the concert with my cousin. We were walking out and then it happened right in front of me. Me and my cousin fell back.

I can’t remember it properly, I remember seeing orange. “Everyone started crying and running away. I could see people near me and I saw a torso.

I’m alright. I’ve just got cuts on my hand.”

Another concertgoer, Sasina Akhtar, said “we saw young girls with blood on them. Everyone was screaming, and people were running.”

Lot of videos on the socials right now. It’s all kids at the concert and imaginging them going through this is depressing. It’s sad enough that they’ll have the memory ten years from now of having liked Grande’s music, and now this…

Updates to come…

Update: 5/22/17 11:40 PM PST

More videos and pics from the show.

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