Backpack Kid from Katy Perry ‘Bout to Get Non-Famous

You remember Russell Horning the “Backpack Kid”? He’s the human GIF from Katy Perry’s Saturday Night Live appearance.

Since there’s actual proof now, he ‘fessed up and apologized. Sort of.

In the video, Horning says:

“Yo, I swear to God, I’m sorry about the goat…I was really crazy, I’m really stupid, but look…

The goat’s completely fine, running around, being happy.

He’s just afraid of humans.”

Haha, wow. Ok. The goat’s fine..but just happens to be “afraid of humans.” Gee, I wonder why. Is it because dipshits are shooting it in the eye?

When this kid shot that gun, the goat should’ve raised up and then did the “Backpack Kid” dance on top of his face, hooves and all.

[Instagram Image: ONTD]

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