Bella Hadid Fondles Emily Ratajkowski’s Boobs

Repeat x 1000. Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski are in Cannes right now. They don’t have anything to promote. They’re celebs, so they just go there probably as invitees of some random company.

Ratajkowski Instagrammed a video of her, Hadid and Hailey Baldwin dancing for someone’s cameras, maybe the paparazzi. As Ratajkowski shakes, Hadid is in back running her hands all over from Emily’s waist to her shoulders and then to the boobs. TAKE IT TO THE HOUSE HADID!! Umm…yea.

Hadid rests them there and looks like she’s about to get a grip. That’s when Ratajkowski doubles over, giggles and buries her face in her heads.

I feel like I’m writing erotic literature…

How could Hadid resist? Seriously. This is Ratajkowski’s Instagram post when she landed in Cannes.

She should tour America and at every stop, Instagram a topless post captioned with that city’s name. “Des Moines!”

For Mother’s Day, Emily posted a pic of her and her mother in bikinis. It’s obvious where Emily gets her features from.

Shout out to Emily’s mom. A belated happy Mother’s Day to the Ratajkowski women.

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