Billy McFarland, Fyre Festival Founder, Has Always Had Sketchy Ideas

Reading up on this Billy McFarland guy, good thing he’s getting sued for $100 million. He sounds like a douche.

He scammed people going to the Fyre Festival. He promised luxury living and gave them FEMA tents. Festival goers expected gourmet food and got cheese sandwiches. Even if you think these were rich kids who got smacked down and serves them right, they paid their money and should’ve gotten what they purchased.

There’s one story of McFarland destroying some homeowner’s duplex after a party. It happened in 2015.

He had launched his “Magnises” black card which he marketed as American Express for millennials. All you have to know is that McFarland and his company had to deem you cool enough to own it. The card gave members access to “cool” perks such as hot restaurants like Catch in New York, 24/7 concierge service to get concert tickets and a members-only hangout. Probably where you can hang out with other douches. Even Nick Loeb, Sofia Vergara’s ex-fiance, had one.

Another perk was free alcohol at this one spot McFarland rented. It was a duplex in New York at 22 Greenwich Avenue. Just in case you wanna Google that.

Evidently, McFarland trashed the place for his parties. It got so bad the landlord had to sue to collect damages. In the lawsuit, it cited all the “blowout parties” and that McFarland “maliciously vandalized” the place. The landlord sued for $100,000 in damages though McFarland denied everything.

His response to the allegations back then: “not valid.” He won’t be able to use that excuse for this $100 million lawsuit.

Here’s video of McFarland and Ja Rule trying to push the Magnises card.

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