Chicken McNuggets for a Blowie? Anyone??

I’m lovin’ it! Homeless woman Alex Direeno, 22, kindly offered oral sex in exchange for $25 and a box of McDonald’s chicken McNuggets. Sign me up! Haha, no just kidding. No really, just kidding.

This happened in Florida. Of course! All food-related prostitution happens there. It’s a regular Mesopotamia for fast food and sex exchanges.

Direeno walked out of the Marathon gas station, 2009 14th St. W., Bradenton, and unknowingly waved at an undercover detective with the sheriff’s office Special Investigations Division who was talking to another woman, according to an arrest report. The detective told the other woman he was there to pick up Direeno, and Direeno got into his car.

As they drove, the undercover detective and Direeno discussed a price. What I don’t get is this part.

…he told her that he wanted oral sex and she agreed to do it for $25. As they briefly went back and forth on the price, she finally agreed to perform the act for $25 and Chicken McNuggets.

She already agreed to $25, why do they still need to go back and forth. This undercover detective needs to take Negotiations 101.

Detectives also found drug paraphernalia on Direeno. Afterwards, they booked her into Manatee County jail.

Her bond is $620. She can get out if she pays 10% of that to a bondsman right? Bet she offered to blow someone for $62 and a box of chicken.

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