Chris Cornell Fans Trying to Book the Room He Committed Suicide In

Chris Cornell, Soundgarden frontman, committed suicide in a hotel room in the MGM Grand in Detroit on May 17. Fans of grunge mourned after his unexpected death in which he hung himself. Apparently, his fans have gone straight to some new unknown weird and tasteless stage of grief where they f**k with the hotel staff trying to book the room where he died.

According to Page Six, the hotel is having a hard time keeping these disrespectful weirdos out of room 1136.

Hotel officials have been telling the death-obsessed fans that the room will remain off-limits after a Free Press reporter managed to make a reservation for it Monday.

Apparently, dark tourism is all the rage with weird vultures already working out how they can profit from his death. Karin Risko, director of City Tour Detroit, says they usually try to be respectful unless the money is green, and Chris Cornell’s death is so high profile that they are totally down to disrespect his grieving loved ones and rake in that sweet money with some spooky tours.

“While I try not to cover recent tragedies on the Notorious 313 tours out of respect for surviving family members, I do deviate from this if the death or tragic incident is high-profile in nature, which Chris Cornell’s death is.”


If you go on the Chris Cornell Suicide Death Tour, I’ll beat you up. Suicide isn’t a fucking joke.

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