Chris Rock Wants to Perform in Front of Mostly Black Audience

Considering Dave Chappelle isn’t funny anymore, we really need Chris Rock on point right now. And if he thinks having a black audience will make his show better, I’m all for it. Kick all the white people out within a ten-mile radius of filming if it makes for a Netflix special I can actually laugh at. Go nuts.

From Vulture:

Rock says he plans on taping at least the first special for a majority-black audience. The decision was partly inspired after he watched Michael Che’s Netflix special and noticed a disconnect between the jokes Che was telling and the crowd there to receive them. “I liked it, but it’s too many white people in the audience. You do cutting-edge humor about race and you cut to white people — it does not have the same effect,” he says.

That’s pretty real. A whole stadium of white dads stiffly dancing at a Run the Jewels show would kinda also be a vibe killer. I wouldn’t want to tell jokes about my experience being gay as hell to a whole room of straight people who laugh just because they feel like if they didn’t it wouldn’t make them look not cool, even if they don’t get what I’m talking about. I feel it.

Rock imagines how that same divide would hurt even the best comedians like Richard Pryor: “Pryor does the Africa bit, about ‘there’s no n****s here,’ but it’s a bullshit bit if it’s done in front of a bunch of white people. When black people laugh, there’s a rumble.”

Please, just be funny Chris Rock. The world is terrible. We need to laugh at something. Please.

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