YouTube Viral Star Forbidden to Beat Children for Ad Money and Views

YouTube wars are serious business. I don’t understand them at all. I just know that I need to get into the game because those YouTube stars are really popular and seem to make good money.

The problem with being a YouTube star is that you’re extremely lame. You’re also putting your life out there. And when your life is yelling at kids and pulling pranks on them, life comes at you fast.

DaddyOFive is Mike Martin, some YouTube person who does pranks on his kids. Well, he said they were pranks. Others said they were child abuse. It looks like child abuse was the correct answer because now Rose, the biological mother of Cody and Emma, received emergency custody of the two. Both were two of the abused children in the videos.

The videos have been pulled, but here’s the dude who snitched.

DaddyOFive claimed that the kids were in on the pranks, but still issued this apology video.

If your pranks involve screaming at your children, your pranks suck. You know what’s a good prank? A bucket of water falling on someone’s head as they enter the room. You know what’s not a good prank? Forcing your child to wear a t-shirt that advertises your stupid YouTube channel.

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