Dani Mathers Can Be Seen Cleaning Graffiti for the Next 30 Days

You may have remembered a story from November where Playboy Playmate Dani Mathers was charged with body shaming for taking a picture of an old lady in a locker room.

Mathers appeared in court on Wednesday and copped a plea to the charges. The judge gave her two choices. Either serve 45 days in jail and then have 36 months probation. Or do 30 days of graffiti removal with 36 months probation.

She took the graffiti removal because a Playboy Playmate is unlikely to last 45 days in jail. Although, that’s a great idea for a show. Instead of 60 Days In, I’m officially pitching Playmates in the Pen. Someone give my info to A&E TV and let’s make this happen.

I’d say this ruling would set a new precedent for body shaming on social media, but that’s definitely not going to happen. Next time, just keep taking pictures of yourself, Dani.

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