What Do Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen Have in Common?

It’s not that they have HIV if that’s what you’re thinking. Possibly, POSSIBLY, it’s a medical condition though. Not saying it is.

Sheen says taking an experimental anti-HIV drug gave him “borderline dementia.” Maybe you’ve read the reasons that Donald Trump might have dementia also.

Sheen spoke at an event for PRO 140,  “an injectable therapy for HIV patients.”

He told the Hollywood crowd that the drugs suppressed his HIV, but he “struggled with a constant migraine and at times, borderline dementia.” That’s kinda like Trump except he gives people constant migraines with his borderline dementia. See how I made that joke fit? I tried hard.

At the same time, Sheen says he’s felt no side effects and that he’s “started to feel back to myself again and back in touch with all aspects of my life.” Oh good, the world needs more Charlie Sheen cocaine rants.

Stay strong, Charlie. HIV help is just around the corner. You’ll son be free to screw porn stars again.

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