Donald Trump’s ‘Covfefe’ Typo Breaks the Internet

If you ever need a reason to stay up past your bedtime, it’s to watch Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. Last night, he sent the following, now deleted, tweet.

He, I think, meant to type “coverage” but his auto-correct didn’t catch it. The tweet stayed up for six hours. It’s assumed that Trump just passed out after sending it because there’s no way he would have left it up six hours if he were awake. Nothing is more pressing than a Twitter typo.

This, of course, broke the Internet.

This pretty much sums up Trump’s time in office. No comedian can actually top what he does. It’s quite sad.

Other celebrities weighed-in.

My favorite thing this morning was going around and calling random things “covfefe” around people who don’t use Twitter. They were baffled.

Of course, non-celebs had a field day with the tweet as well.

Al Franken tried to explain the tweet, but me thinks this gives Trump a little too much credit.

Trump can barely speak English. He definitely doesn’t know Yiddish.

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