Floyd Mayweather Hits Up Instagram Model with the Laziest Pickup Line

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has zero problems right now. He’s either rich and retired or rich and about to get richer with the easiest payday of his life.

Enter Keysha Luv, an Instagram model, because that’s a thing. Luv posted a photo with the caption, “I feel like Floyd in this May weather.”

And, well, Floyd was feeling like himself, writing back:

I feel like f*cking you, in this May weather.

When you have zero problems, you don’t complicate things.

Sure, Floyd could probably learn how to talk to women a little better, but he’s a rich guy who is used to getting what he wants. So if he wants to f**k an Instagram model, he’s going to make his intentions clear. For such a defensive fighter, Floyd seems rather aggressive outside the ring.

Luv’s Instagram is no longer available.

[Image: FHM]

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