This Fyre Festival Goer Documented His Whole Time There and Yea, It’s Bad

Hundreds of young people, on a beach, with alcohol and no way out. This doesn’t sound so bad. Or so you’d think.

Austin Mills filmed his trip to the catastrophe that was Fyre Festival. It’s actually an interesting behind the scenes. You’ve gotta skip through the video some. It’s 12 minutes long and my attention span tops out at about 3 minutes.

The video has a nice arc to it. In the beginning, you see Mills and his friends happy to be jetting off to the Bahamas. Similar to how all horror movies begin, everyone’s happy and excited. There’s a slight three hour delay on their inbound flight but they roll with it. Gradually, you start seeing all the crappy planning and insanity that you’ve seen online. The FEMA tents, the lack of food, being locked in an auditorium.

At one point, Mills says that one of the organizers told them tents were no longer assigned and that it was a “free for all.” Truly lord of the flies right there. Mills also filmed the hours long wait inside the plane.

Not shown, wild boars.

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