‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Trailer Promises Great War

“The Great War is Here.”

Game of Thrones fans are freaking out over the new trailer, which promises the great war between the seven kingdoms. Even I’m a little for all of 100 characters to finally come together and fight to the death.

I’m all for this great war. I think it’ll be epic. I expect multiple main characters to die and will be severely disappointed if they don’t.

Then again, maybe people won’t die because HBO is planning twenty different spin-offs and you have to keep someone around for those shows.

Games of Thrones typically plays a longer game. It took six seasons for the famed winter to arrive. But this season feels like it’s going to be bloody and violent from the start. The season is only seven episodes as opposed to the typical 10. Hopefully, that means they’ve cut out all of the filler and useless characters from seasons past.

The season premieres July 16.

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