Florida Now Has Greyhounds Coked Up and Racing

Performance enhancing drugs are commonplace in sports. If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’. You may think that athletes in sports are clean, but no sport is safe from rampant PED use. Not even dog racing.

Malcolm McAllister, a kennel owner in St. Petersburg, Florida, had five dogs test positive for cocaine at a recent race. Carey Theil, GREY2K USA executive, said,

“I’m not sure which is worse, that these were attempts to fix races or that individuals who are responsible for the dogs are doing cocaine.”

Yes. Those are the only two options. The worst part is definitely not that the dogs were being fed cocaine. The people probably didn’t even care about fixing races and they obviously don’t have an issue with doing cocaine. They probably just wanted to see what would happen if they fed a bunch of race dogs some coke.

McAllister maintains his innocence, claiming that he had four new “undesirables” working for him this week.

The names of the five dogs are Flying Tidalwave, P Kay Sweetmissy, Kiowa Wellington, Roc A By Sevenup, and Flying Microsoft. Yup, these new guys were definitely like, “Two of them are named ‘Flying.’ Let’s see if they can actually fly.”

[Image: Flickr/Kalle Gustafsson]

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